Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Competition For My Absence

Hello everyone, and goodbye.

Not forever! I'm going to Dundee for a week and since my great aunt does not have the internet, and I won't have all my make up with me, I won't be posting during the week. I get back next Tuesday and I thought, "a week? That's long enough to have a competition!"


To celebrate hitting the 30 subscriber mark, I'll be giving away my biggest prize yet.

1st Prize
A set of FOUR Eyeko London Lips Lip Gloss tubes worth £26!
Consisting of -

  • Mayfair 
  • Portobello 
  • Primrose Hill
  • Knightsbridge
2nd Prize
A selection of Avon samples
Including - 
  • Perfume samples such as 50s Glam and 60s Mod
  • Lipstick samples from the Pro-to-Go range
  • Skincare samples from Anew
How To Enter

I'm changing things up this time. As always you have to be subscribed to the blog and comment on this post telling me you want to enter.

Taking a leaf from other blog giveaways I've seen, you can earn more entries by doing things to publicise the blog. It's kind of like buying one ticket for a raffle vs buying a sheet of tickets. Or something. Actually it's closer to roulette, you can bet on any single number from 0 to 36 or you could bet on every number from 1 to 12. That's a better analogy.

Ok, so...
  • An extra entry if you follow me on Twitter and tweet "@HellThirteen enter me"
  • Another if you tweet about the competition and include a link
  • One more if you "like" Joysticks and Lipstick on Facebook
  • And finally, I will give an extra two entries for every blog/social network/forum that you use to link to this page and talk about my blog or this competition. Please comment here with a link (and if it's in a side bar or something, let me know the location) because if I didn't see it, it didn't happen ;-)

Doing these things will improve your chances but, knowing that not everyone is connected to Twitter or BBs or social networking sites, it is not compulsory. 

I'm gonna give you a week and a half to enter (I know I get back on Tuesday but it's an 11 hour coach ride, I'm not doing anything when I get home!) so it will close on FRIDAY 10th JUNE 2011.

Sorry guys, I would put up photos of the prizes, but my coach leaves in 2 hours and I need to get ready!

See you all in a week!

Hell Thirteen (aka "the bonnie wee lassie fe London")


  1. oh you know you gotta enter me hun lol
    Have an awesome time in dundee xxx

  2. hello, following via GFC as Piper - nettysgirl AT gmail.com

  3. Enter me please!!

    GFC: Ashley Tiernan
    Email: ashley_tiernan@hotmail.com

  4. You say your blog is also about gaming AND makeup but all I see are poorly worded bogs about overdoing your make up.

    Are there any insightful posts about gaming on this blog?

  5. Dear Anon, if you look at the "Joysticks" tag, you will find my posts on games.

    Unfortunately there isn't much that I can write about games when there is nothing coming out that I have an interest in playing, and not being a paid critic, financing game purchases can be difficult.

    I've only been doing this for a few months, and I am trying to get into the swing of things.

    I welcome criticism, but I dislike bland statements without providing evidence to back up such claims. "Poorly worded" how? "Overdoing" in what context?

    The type of make up I do is bright, bold, and at times intricate, because I belong to a subculture in which such things are common. Were I belonging to another subculture, I may well be painting my face orange.

    May I take a moment to congratulate you on your bravery? Most people would post a negative comment anonymously in order to avoid any... Oh. Never mind...

    Come now, you think I'm the type to set the dogs on you for something like that? I'm no bitch.

    If what little game-related posts I do write are not to your liking, you are free to read someone else's blog. I can recommend "We Know Gamers," found at http://www.weknowgamers.net/ and written by a former classmate of mine. He writes about a much broader spectrum of games than I do, and releases content a lot more often.

    Thank you for taking the time to look at this blog, even if you didn't like it.
    I will try to include more gaming posts at regular intervals.

  6. A new reader here, hi!
    Enter me for the giveaway please!

    GFC SuperHotFemale
    email sari dot susanna at hotmail dot com

    Like your blog on Facebook as Sari R. and posted the giveaway on my wall, link: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=210897022282195&id=599893333

    Thank you! :)