Friday, 17 June 2011

My Birthday Preparation

Hey everyone,

It's my birthday on Tuesday :-)

Over the next week I'm going to be really busy with outings and getting my house ready for people coming to visit, and I'll be getting myself ready too!

I went out for Kayleigh's birthday last weekend, and left half my brushes and make up at a friend's house, including some pigment samples from Glamour Doll Eyes that I wanted to show you, but hopefully I'll be getting them back before my birthday!

When you're preparing for a big night out like a birthday or any special occasion, (or any time you're going out and you know someone special is going to be there ;-p ) you want to look your very best, free of blemishes and uneven skin, perfect hair and stunning make up. This is my plan for skincare up to the day (bare in mind I have less than a week and no money to buy new things or pay for treatments).

I hate my upper arms and my shoulders. I always try to have them covered. Not just because of my size and my bingo wings; my skin is uneven with redness and stretchmarks, and most annoyingly I get these little bumps full of sebum (that firm-ish white substance inside blackheads) all over my shoulders and down my forearms.

To combat this I plan to use a body scrub like Soap & Glory's Flake Away or Gok Wan's Gorgeous body scrub (because that's what's in my bathroom) on a daily basis, probably interchanging because Flake Away is some serious stuff and I'll be red raw if I use it every day, even for a short time. Scrubs are not meant for daily use unless otherwise stated on the packaging, but this is for an intensive short course to get my skin up to scratch for the day and I have been neglecting my skin for the past couple of weeks, being away and concentrating on spring cleaning.

I'm going to extend my face care routine down onto my chest. Bigger busted ladies amongst you will know that with great boobs come great responsibilities. Wearing heavy duty bras and even not wearing bras can often make you hot and sweaty, and the rubbing of bras on the skin will lead to blocked pores and blemishes whilst the nature of that area of skin doesn't lend itself well to body scrubs because they are too chunky, gritty, and rough, and I don't want to damage the skin.

Speaking of my face care, I'll be using my Soap & Glory Fab Pore cleanser every day, my Body Shop face brush every other day, and my Lush Herbalism cleanser in a number of different ways throughout.
Sometimes I mix Herbalism just with water for a normal cleanse, as it is meant to be used. Sometimes I add it to a creamy cleanser to make it feel more luxurious. This week I'm going to be experimenting with it as a base for a mask by mixing it with egg or yoghurt or honey to help it stick, because it helps remove redness and I want to use it as much as I can for that quality.
I'll be moisturising, using my GinZing on my eyes and a light moisturiser on my face, and steering clear of make up when I don't have to use it.

My friend has just passed her course and become a qualified hairdresser (yesterday!) so I'll be heading down to Kingston College on Monday morning to get my hair re-coloured and neatened up. I'll probably get a conditioning treatment done whilst I'm at it. Going to a hairdressing school to get your hair done is always a lot cheaper, and they use quality products. If you don't know anyone in training and you don't trust an unknown student to do anything complex, get it styled by someone you trust and just go in to a training salon for touch-ups later on. I'm quite lucky to have known Kitten for a long time, and I know she's good and I can trust her to do what she wants knowing that I'll like the results.
(Congratulations on passing your course Kat, I wish you the best love x.)

I had a Garra Rufa fish pedicure the other week when I was in Dundee, it was pretty awesome. They trimmed my cuticles! My feet were left a lot softer and smoother, but I've been out in heels since then and I'll be needing a touch up. Sadly I don't think I can afford another fish treatment, but I do still have some Lush Stepping Stone left, and that's where the hubby-to-be comes in. I'll be wrangling him into giving me a foot bath and rubbing some Stepping Stone all over them. Nice.

My hands will come last. Doing so much housework is not making it easy to make them beautiful, so I'll just put my L'Occitane Shea butter hand cream on them daily, and give myself a manicure the day before I start to celebrate, to save my nail polish chipping.

Will it all work? We'll have to wait and see.

Hell Thirteen (soon to be Fourteen! Just kidding, I'll be 26 this year.)

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Giveaway Winner

Time to announce the winner of my 30 subscriber giveaway!

Thanks to, here they are:

1st Prize goes to Kayleigh
2nd Prize goes to SuperHotFemale

I'd like to add a disclaimer here:
Anyone who reads this blog has probably figured out that Kayleigh is my super bestest friend, however I won't stop her or anyone I know from entering my giveaways, and if picks her I won't disqualify her for being my friend, the same as I won't disqualify someone who has already won, even if it seems unfair or favouritism, it would be unfair to do it any other way. I don't pick the winners, does.

So well done Kayleigh and SuperHotFemale!
I'll contact you both shortly.

Hell Thirteen