Sunday, 21 November 2010

Fable 3 and Fallout New Vegas

Well hey there, Girls and Gamers! October was a big month for me, with the long awaited arrival of Fallout: New Vegas and Fable 3 in the shops, and naturally your humble narrator was on them both like a shot.

New Vegas is basically an expansion for Fallout 3. You play a different character, I mean, the character is still one that you create, but your history is different. You are not from a vault this time, instead you are a courier around New Vegas. The gameplay is pretty much the same, there are few new types of enemies, like these killer moth things, and giant radscorpions are now horrifically tough, fast, and deadly. I haven't finished the main storyline yet, so for now I will say that while the game is horrifically buggy and the main storyline doesn't pull you in enough to keep on at the main quest (although I am finding it hard to know which quest is the main quest at the moment, and I kind of... assassinated Caesar... so I don't know what is going on now) but it's worth playing if you love RPGs, it's better than many others in terms of gameplay at the moment, that Gothic one I downloaded the demo for and there's a crazy canadian witch and it's just so wrong!!!

Fable 3 might be a lot more polished, but Lionhead polished it right down to a pebble. After a week I'd completed it twice, including every quest. I loved it, but I was left disappointed. Once you become queen or king you have a year to sort out the country. A year plays out in five days, as it keeps skipping you forward, and unless you are playing the bastard you need to complete quests and work to get up the money you need. It just needed a lot more to do. I loved the game and they brought in some wonderful people to work on it, such as Simon Pegg and John Cleese in addition to the return of Stephen Fry. There was just so much missing from it that made it feel smaller. Even the world felt smaller. They got rid of Bloodstone and Oakwood for a start. The world changed an awful lot in 50 years.

Anyway, I am exhausted from a long week so I will TTFN.