Friday, 6 May 2011

Quick advice on brushes and The Brush Guard.

The Brush Guard annoys me in a lot of ways. You only get a few in a pack, and if you're like me, you have a lot more than a few brushes. Having said that, they are ingenious in design and they are really good for drying and storing your brushes.

I bought a single variety pack a few months back on ebay. I managed a decent price for it, so far as I can remember. I decided to get some more, instead going for the extra small pack of 10, the blush sized pack of 8, the foundation sized pack of 5 and the kabuki sized pack of 4, making 27 in all and hopefully enough to cover all my brushes.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a cheap price on ebay, they were all going for £5.50, and when I searched for online retailers they all cost £5.50 each, with different prices on shipping. Those four packs were going to cost me £22, and shipping could have been anything from £1 to £4 on ebay, depending on if they gave me a discount for multiple items.

Here's the thing: in the USA The Brush Guard retails at $5.50, and international shipping from costs $3.00, making a total of $25.00 for the transaction. Granted, it's slow post from America which could take up to two weeks, but when translated into GBP it cost me only £15.58, plus £1 as an exchange fee for using foreign currency. I actually saved £10 by getting it shipped in from the source.

Keep it in mind whenever you buy online, and especially if you're buying the brush guard.


Hell Thirteen

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