Friday, 6 May 2011

Best Budget Beauty Buys... B4

I'm going to put posts like this under the tag B4, I don't know if it will be a regular thing but for the moment I will add posts when I find something worth posting about.

I have... 3 things to talk about today. One is a tip on getting make up for less, the others are things you can buy.

The first couple of things I'm gonna talk about are from W7, a company I've never been interested in, you can buy it in pound shops... they do some amazing neon eyeliners, but I haven't tried them because they go on your eyes and they come from a pound shop. I'm too scared.

  That said, I was in Savers just before my big night out, and I saw they had some crackle nail polishes priced at £1.99. They only came in black, white and silver, the range was called Earthquake. For your £1.99 you get a decent amount of product, 15ml as you do with premium brands like OPI, not surprising as the bottle is a dupe for OPI polishes. I really like the crackle effect and it does a good job with wide cracks forming almost instantly. The white is a little watery so one coat doesn't give proper coverage of the colour underneath, the silver is very gritty and thick like cement mix, and I think the black is my favourite because it goes with everything, it's thick but not too thick, and it works really well.

The other thing I got from W7 that day was the Africa bronzer. Every knockoff or cheap make up company is now selling their blushers and bronzers in these little square cardboard boxes to make it look like Benefit, W7 are doing it, Primark and Peacocks have their own makeup brands and I know for sure Peacocks are doing it, I think I saw them in Primark and I wouldn't be at all surprised if Claire's had their own too.

Here's the thing - on the outside the product is copying Benefit, on the inside it's copying Too Faced's Pink Leopard bronzer... the pattern isn't even similar, it's almost an exact copy of the leopard print in the picture of it here.
W7 Version

Anyway, it's a very light pinkish bronzer with a really pretty shimmer.


When I was out the other day I was walking around Superdrug and I came across their clearance shelf. They had a blush that was damaged, down from £2.99 to 99p, so I bought it. It was from Beauty UK, not a massive gem, but I took it home and set to work bashing it to a fine powder (it smelt far too much like talc and I was a bit grossed out, but this is about the process, not the product) and I mixed in some toner (I had no pure alcohol so I substituted) and then I set about sculpting it back into its original dome shape like icing on a muffin. I placed a cotton pad on top to help it stay clean while it dried and help it not to crack, and the next day I painstakingly neatened it with a q-tip dipped in make up remover. I placed a bottle of nail polish remover on top as a weight to help squeeze out any moisture. I waited another day (though I probably didn't have to) and then I took a tube of superglue and put the clear plastic dome back in the top of the container.
It took a bit of work but in the end I had paid 30% of the price for something broken and messy and useless and made it as good as new. Always keep your eyes peeled. Sometimes broken things can be decanted into other bottles or they can be fixed. A lot of make up artists decant their products to make them easier to travel with, even lipsticks get mashed up and put into palettes.

Here's a swatch of the bronzer and the blusher... the blusher's the pink one.

Neither are particularly pigmented.

I hope this helps some of you save some money!

Thanks for reading, don't forget about my Sigma giveaway which ends on Sunday.

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  1. Oh my I really want those W7 crackle nail polishes I can't find them anywhere. :) Great blog very helpful THANX!