Saturday, 28 May 2011

Primer and Fixing Spray Review - Urban Decay and e.l.f.

Hey guys :-)

Having spoken about the Urban Bride box from Urban Decay in my last post, I thought: "These products need to be put to the test."

So I went to Voodoo last night with an awesome, yet difficult to maintain, crease-cut eye look; I must say it was inspired by a two year old look by Tina Marie, and having not ever attempted crease cutting before I'm not ashamed to say she does it a lot better than me, my skin kept wrinkling up under my liner and messing up my lines, and I can't draw a straight line to save my life!

I used highly pigmented colours on my eyes (Sugarpill, for the most part) with a mix of pen and gel liner, over the top of Urban Decay Eden Primer Potion.

For my face, I used e.l.f. Mineral Infused Face Primer, with my usual Infallible foundation from L'Oreal. I contoured and blushed lightly, applied the Urban Decay HD powder and spritzed with the UD All Nighter setting spray.

Then I went out, drank, smoked, hugged people, smooched with my fiance, and danced like a maniac. The club was really hot, and the only air conditioning was on the dancefloor. I was sweating so hard after one dance session (White Zombie: More Human Than Human, Nine Inch Nails: The Hand That Feeds, 36 Crazyfists: Slit Wrist Theory, Buckcherry: Crazy B!tch; I mean really, how can you not go mental when you've got  tracks like that back to back?) that the sweat was literally running down my face.

Terrible conditions for your make up, and all I had brought for touch ups was lipgloss.

So I traipsed in around 4:30/5am and walked straight in to my bedroom to take some photos so I could get on with washing my face (I couldn't wait to take my lashes off.)

Here's what I looked like:
The line was wonky to start with!
My skin was still looking good!

No colour runs, no liner runs.
I'm exhausted!

No foundation streaks.
No under eye creasing.

Looked just as good as when I had just done it.
Can I take it off now? I want to go to sleep!

So, my verdict? Amazing stuff, these primers and fixing sprays. Now I have to try some others to see if they match up to the standard that has been set by e.l.f.  and Urban Decay! 

Have you tried any other brands of primers/fixers? What did you think of them?

Thanks for reading,

Hell Thirteen 


  1. Wow i am very impressed! The eye make up looks gorgeous and i cant believe after all those tracks you still looked that good! You should have seen my face on saturday night, haggard. :(
    I dont rate e.l.f setting spray, though i love the primer. Must try Urban Decay still.

  2. @Kayleigh I have the e.l.f. setting spray, but I haven't used it. It smells like baby sick and I'm not putting that on my face. Gross. The Urban Decay one smells lovely and feels great, and it works. Come over when I get back from Dundee and you can test it out. xxx