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My E.L.F. Cosmetics Haul/Review part 2


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As promised, I made use of the 20% discount on Monday and bought a load of new products to try out. Here's my 2nd E.L.F. haul review.

Elf Studio Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20 in Porcelain, £3.50

I did promise to get the tinted moisturiser from the studio line after reviewing the one from the basic line, so here it is. As @Ida Pie said in the comments for my last elf review, the porcelain is even more yellow than the basic ivory colour, but it is very light, doesn't smell as weird and with the studio line you get so much more product! The packaging is much nicer, too.

It didn't seem to use as much product to cover my face and the consistency was a lot nicer too - a little more liquidy, less sticky feeling, and you can feel it's a lot better for your skin than the basic line. Still has parabens in it though, and before I applied it the texture looked really lumpy - didn't effect the application or finish though.
Once it was on, I didn't notice the yellowness of it - as you'll see from the following pictures!

Elf Studio Angled Foundation brush, £3.50

This is a really lovely brush, made from Taklon bristles and cruelty free. It's so soft, and a decent size compared to the basic line foundation brush. It's also angled to help you get into the nooks and crannies around your eyes and nose. I really like this brush <3
The use of Taklon synthetic bristles means that not only are the brushes anti-bacterial, they can also be used with any product, be it wet or dry.

Elf Studio Powder Brush, £3.50

This is another wonderful brush, again, made from Taklon bristles. I've never owned brushes so soft as these. Great for buffing blusher and bronzer into the cheeks, and the flat top makes for precise application, even if it does make a right mess of pressed powder containers! I decided to use this brush to apply my new bronzer.

Elf healthy glow bronzing powder in Luminance, £1.50

Ah-ha! Now this is much more the right shade of bronzer for my pasty face!
In fact, in this picture, it looks a little lighter than my pasty face... However, I love this bronzer, and I think it will be my new favourite. It's just so subtle, which is how I like my contours to be!

Elf studio Blush in Gotta Glow, £3.50

This... isn't quite what I expected, and I'm not sure it's a blush so much as a highlighter, in this particular shade. From the website's photo, I expected a very pale pink. What I got was a very pale, shimmery gold. I'm in love with it, it's just the oddest thing to have a blusher that's basically yellow!

Elf Studio Complexion Perfection, £3.50
This is an awesome product. Get it. Basically it's four different pressed powders put together - a green, a yellow, a pink and a purple - that mix together to look like a skin tone powder. The green balances out redness in the skin, be it from spots or rosacea, the purple helps with bruising such as under-eye dark circles, and the pink and yellow even out the skin tone. The powder is formulated to remove excess oil and give a matte finish, great for my oily skin.

Elf Studio Kabuki face brush, £5.00

This was the most expensive item I bought from Elf, and at a fiver that says a lot for the prices at Elf! Of all the new lovely studio brushes I bought this week, this kabuki brush is by far the softest. It is so beautiful! The two-tone bristles make it look a bit like a badger brush, but this brush is made from synthetic Taklon, so again, it's cruelty free, and it's anti-bacterial. This brush is #WINNING. In the non-sarcastic sense. And it's the only brush that comes in a box.

Elf eyebrow stencils, £1.50

This set gives you several different brow shapes to choose from. Good luck getting them symmetrical!

Elf Studio Eyebrow Treat and Tame in Ash, £3.50

One one end, you get a hair-growing conditioning gel; on the other, you get a fibrous brow mascara. It made my eyebrows look fuller and kept them in place all day, and when I tried using a powder underneath it gave me really strong looking eyebrows, Elizabeth Taylor style.

Elf feather-proof moisturising lip liner in Spice, £1.50

This liner didn't go on as smoothly as I'd liked, but it is a pretty colour and they do send a free pencil sharpener with each one, so I'm happy. Elf UK are out of stock of most of their liner shades at the moment, which is the main reason I picked Spice.

Elf basic lipstick in Fantasy and Voodoo, £1.50 each
I think I made a mistake getting fantasy. Brown lipsticks just don't seem to suit me. Perhaps I need to try again, using a very light hand for a sheer colour. Voodoo is quite a dark shade, but when applied sparingly I think it looks quite beautiful. The texture is nothing to write home about, and the appearance of the product is a little too "my first make up" for my tastes.

Elf Studio Eye crease brush, £3.50

This is basically a small blending brush, for your socket bone. It's good, but not particularly special, just another addition to my brush collection.

Elf basic eyeliner brush, £1.50

I was a teeny bit miffed because this brush showed up with one extra long hair sticking out of it, but after grabbing my tweezers and removing it, the brush was fine. It did what I needed it for, and I prefer a flat liner brush to an angled or thin brush because there is a lot more control over your lines. It worked really well with my cream eyeliner, much better than the brush supplied with it!

Thanks for reading! I hope that helped some of you who are thinking of trying E.l.f. cosmetics. I'll leave you with a few pictures of me messing about with my camera. Don't forget to subscribe for my Sigma brush give-away!
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  1. Got my Elf haul yesterday! Yet to try it all out yet though :)