Thursday, 31 March 2011

Oh, you lucky people! Give-Away!


Guess who's going to be giving something away? Me!

That's right, Sigma Beauty have given me a travel sized E25 blending brush to give away.

Now, I am not going to start this give-away today, for two reasons: I have 3 subscribers, and I think I need a few more before I can do something like this; and I haven't tried this brush myself yet. I can't give away something when I don't know if it's any good.

Sigma are sending me an E25 brush to try myself, so once it arrives, I'll try it, tell you what I think, and I will do the give-away as long as I have at least 10 subscribers by then. If I don't, I will wait until I do, and then I'll start the give-away. The winner will be chosen at random, I'll contact them for their address, then pass it on to Sigma, who will send out the brush directly. As I get more subscribers I will hold more give-aways like this, and the prizes will get better.

You will need to be subscribed in order to win.

On a smaller note, I bought a load more stuff from (e.l.f cosmetics) and it arrived today while I was out, so once I get it from the post office I'll be talking about that.

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