Saturday, 26 March 2011

Spring Nails!

Hello my lovely readers.

Spring has sprung and it's time to start reflecting that in the way we look, so here are my favourite spring nail polish looks!

For me, spring is definitely the time for pastels. it's also a great time for pale colours and nudes, but you can also go bold with some early summery brights.

Eyeko's lilac polish, for lovely nails.

If you're into purple nails then a lilac or lavender polish is perfect for you. I love deep purple colours like plum or royal purple, but I think such shades are far too dark for spring. I'm using Eyeko's lilac polish because it has a thick consistency and a mid-shine finish, good for pastel colours. One coat is a little translucent, so I've used two.

Eyeko Vintage polish, for elegant nails

Candy coloured nails are very sweet and remind me of easter eggs! Green is a good colour to reflect the new growth of spring, and this mint green is like mint choc chip ice-cream. Add some black polka dots to make your own chocolate chips!

Eyeko Pastel Polish, for nice nails

Finishing up my trio of sugared-almond-nails, this pastel blue really brings out a tan and makes you want to eat Mini Eggs all day. Pale coloured polishes always need at least two coats to become opaque, but still look pretty when sheer. Eyeko polishes only need two coats for these looks.

Eyeko Tea Rose Polish, for country nails

This is probably the darkest polish in my spring picks. It's a beautiful dusky rose and it echoes the pretty flowers that are on their way.

Eyeko Rain Polish, for city nails

Pay tribute to the April showers with this blue-grey shimmery polish, because at least spring rain isn't as bad as winter rain!

Eyeko Coral Polish, for resort nails

Coral polish was a big deal last summer, and as spring is a time of looking forward, and fashion has a habit of looking back, wear a coral pink or red if you just can't wait for summer.

Collection 2000 Hot Looks Fast Dry polish in 6 Juicy

This shimmery orange is a good colour for spring chicks who hate pastels and love bright, happy colours. I like the brush in the Collection 2000 polishes because it's flat and a little stiff, making application a little easier.

Eyeko Chi Chi Polish for girlie nails

If you aren't over the sparkles of New Year's Eve and you want to wear a glitter polish, swap the silver for a cute pink or a pastel shade of glitter. Unfortunately, my camera won't focus on it properly!

Eyeko Petite Polish, for french nails

Cover your nails in a pale or nude polish for a fresh, clean look. I used two coats for a more opaque finish, but Petite Polish looks great with only one coat too.

Toma Nail Laquer with natural pearl, in CD91 Crocodile Rock

A shimmery lime green is good if you prefer a sharp, bitter taste to the sugary pastel mint green. It's a colour you can keep wearing right through the summer, and it's a shade that will definitely make you stand out!

So there you have it, my top 10 spring polishes for 2011. Just don't wear them all at once, it can look a little weird!

Although I think the pastels look good together!

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon.

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