Tuesday, 5 April 2011

King Lizard, and how they rock my socks.

Hello my lovelies.

This is neither a Joysticks or a Lipstick post... or maybe it's both.
I just have to tell you about King Lizard. They will rock your socks off.

King Lizard are a four piece band that used to be a five piece and have rotated through at least 2 members for each position over the last 8 years that I've known them, aside from Flash, the singer, who has remained a constant. Every time a band member has left it has broken my heart because they have all been awesome, and then they are replaced by someone even more fantastic and the band as well as their music just keeps on getting better.

The music is kind of a mix of different sub-genres of rock. I used to think of them as glam rock, KISS style. Then I realised there was a bit of a stadium rock vibe to them, hard to miss when Flash pulls out his Axl Rose impersonation for a GnR cover. They have a metal edge that's hard to put your finger on, and yet there's an air of classic rock about them too. If I had to define them with one label though, I'd say King Lizard are sleaze rock.

I don't have a picture of the new line up,
but left to right: Alice, Flash, Sky, Niro.
When you hear the dirty bass-line put down by Italian stallion Alice Rain, your hips will be swinging before you can hit the floor. It's a low-down, rolling, sexy sound that makes you want to do bad things. When you see what he does to the bass onstage, he's like the devil come to play for some poor sod's soul and all yo want to do is take him away and put him in your cupboard so you can pull him out randomly and impress your friends. Or... that might just be me.

Niro Knox, also known as the "Beast from the Middle East" is a stellar guitarist, responsible for some of the most gut-wrenchingly beautiful riffs you'll ever hear. Every once in a while he will do something absolutely mental, like covering Lady Gaga and turning it into a parody for Flashs birthday (true story).

I wish I had more to say about the drummer, I'm pretty sure he's Arnaldo Rogano (no nickname for you!) but I've only seen him with the band once. I've been to two gigs since longstanding drummer Sky London quit and joined Tres Calaveras, and the first of those gigs was drummed buy a guy who didn't last long. One thing I can say with certainty is that Sky is frigging amazing and I know that the band do not trade down when they change line up, and if Arnaldo's still with them after more than six months (thats how long it's been since I saw them-ish) then he's got to be up to standard. Sorry Arnaldo, I'll be  able to say better things once I've known you a little longer. Sky left some big boots... really big boots.

Flash Roxx, singer
Flash Roxx is the heart of King Lizard, his voice and energy are amazing. I'm totally in love with him. If I wasn't getting married... Oh well, at least I have his word he'll sing at my wedding. Flash is absolutely electric on stage, and he brings his audience alive.

So why am I telling you about this fantastic London based rock outfit?
They've just released their debut album.

Viva La Decadence is the first recording out on general release and it is as close as it's gonna get to capturing the essence of the band's performance. It will never be the same as watching them live, but it's great when you don't have them chained to a stage in your living room (what?)

I constantly listen to this album when I'm driving or doing housework, and it takes me back to all the wonderful times I've had at Lizard gigs.

I wrote a review of the album on HMV, I'll stick it at the end of the post so you can read it if you want.

You can buy Viva La Decadence from HMV, Amazon.com (US) or Amazon.co.uk (UK) or if you'd prefer to download it, you can get it from Amazon or iTunes.

You can also check out their debut video for the title track Viva La Decadence right here.

My HMV album review:
King Lizard have been through a lot of changes over the years, bringing them to this line up and repertoire that have brought about the nationwide release of their debut album. They've changed from a five-piece to a four-piece, been through multiple musician changes, constantly tweaked their existing songs and brought about new ones. You never know what will happen next with this band.One thing, however, has remained constant: King Lizard make exceptional music, they electrify the stage, and they most certainly know how to rock and roll. No matter what happens in the future I will always be confident in one thing; that King Lizard are an amazing band. At last, they have a recording that has done their music justice. From the anthemic rock party tracks of Late Nite Dynamite and Viva La Decadence to the fast paced anarchic rebel yells of Kan't Kill (Rock and Roll) and Riot; the deep down dirty bass line of Rock n Roll Me to the soulful sorrow of Not For Me and all the mayhem in between, Viva La Decadence is a snapshot of the best of King Lizard so far. The only thing better than this album is seeing them live.

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  1. Reading your review really makes me want to listen to this album! I really want to see them live again! re-live the fun lol