Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Trad goth inspired look

Hi guys!

I did this look yesterday but instead of taking pictures of each step, I videoed the whole process and sped it up so instead of taking 2 hours it only takes 8 minutes to watch!

Here's a scary fast video of me putting the look together, sorry guys it's my first attempt and I aimed to talk you through what I was doing, but it took so long I had to fast forward the whole thing. Haven't figured out how to attach music to it so the video is silent too!
There are pictures of the finished look below. Enjoy!

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Hell Thirteen


  1. Ooh really pretty! love having the excuse to do pretty patterns on my face. The purple lips look awesome.
    Did it really take 2 hours to create?

  2. Pretty much. I have noticed it takes forever to do my makeup these days, even simple things take about 40 mins. Then again, I used to be awful before....