Sunday, 17 April 2011

Katy Perry ET makeup plus new giveaway!

This post is coming out a little late tonight, but I was out partying last night and slept late!

After watching the video for Katy Perry's "ET" I thought I would have a go at recreating one of the looks, because I thought the make up in that video fas just so beautiful.
My camera isn't quite picking up the depth of the colours I used, or it might be my monitor, so I hope the colours look better from your end. It looks amazing in the mirror!

Wish I had some lizard eye contacts!

I started out using Avon Magix primer and L'Oreal Infallible Porcelain foundation, because 1) I was only planning on recreating the eyes and 2) with a pale/white face you could start by covering your face in greasepaint, but it won't last long. Wear a good pale foundation with staying power and you can build colour over that.

After priming my eyes with e.l.f eyelid primer I used a Rimmel eyeshadow pen in a shimmering white to give a good white base to my eyes and to give my white eyeshadow some grip, and blended it in with my finger.

Using the brighter blue of an Eyeko Line & Shine Duo pencil in Popstar, I plotted out the blue parts of the eye and blended them with the sponge end of the Benefit Cupid's Bow brush. I darkened the colour a little using French Blue from the Front Cover Rainbow Eyes 08/09 palette. The blue stops just above the crease of the eye, so you can still see some white when the eye is open. It runs from the middle of the eye to the outer corner and wings out, getting bigger the further out it gets. There is also a blue line underneath the eye, lower than the lashline which would give the illusion of a bigger eye, but the waterline is lined with black, oddly. I made the line too thick, and should have just used a liquid liner to do it.
I covered my eyelids in a shimmering white powder by Real Colours, and added the white shadow from the Scarlett & Crimson palette over the top.

I took a flat liner brush and found as bright a magenta pink shadow as I could. I ended up mixing a magenta shade from my 88 colour palette from Fraulein 38 and the bright pink from my Scarlett and Crimson palette.
The pink colour follows the same line as the blue above the crease, but heading past the inner corner of the eye into the bridge of the nose, and then down. there is a harsh line on the side towards the eye (lower edge of the colour,) and the other side is blended up into the eyebrow and towards the centre of the brow bone.
There is pink below the blue line under the eye that wings out to the edge of the face, there is pink in the outer corner of the eyelid, and there is pink above the outer half of the brows blending up into the temples. 

I also used the e.l.f contour brush to fill in pink areas and blend the edges.

I took an Eyeko Graffiti liner in navy and went over the lower edge of the blue colour on the eye and the blue line under the eye to add definition, and then I lined my upper lashline with Bourjois Clubbing ultra black liner, winging it out to meet the blue wing. I also redefined the white line between the blue wing over the eye and the pink wing under the eye, and along the lower lashline. I used a Collection 2000 black pencil to line my waterline.

I curled my lashes and added my special mix of mascara, Lash Injection coated in Big Eyes, and then I added these Tokyo demi lashes, but instead of wearing them on the very outer corners of my eyes as per usual, I put them on starting at the centre of my eyes so they ended just a little before the outer corner of my eyes. I curled the false lashes as well and added a little mascara to them.
At this point the eyes were done, and I decided "what the hey, I'll do the rest of the face, as I'm here!"
I blended the pink with my Avon Peony Pink Cynthia Rowley blush and blended it inwards from the edge of my face, and included the pink triangle shape (or the white v depending on how you look at it) on my forehead, and the weird chin dimple pink spike thing. I used white eyeshadow to powder the non pink areas of my face.

I used a Line & Shine Duo Colour Pencil in Superstar (the Electric Purple end) to colour in my lips, trying not to go too pointed at the cupid's bow to get the right shape. I went over it with the Electric Blue end of the Popstar pencil, blended the two colours together (a lot of people I've looked at on YouTube doing tutorials for this look always use blue lipstick or powder for the lips, but it's actually more purple than blue. It is, however, a very blue purple, as opposed to a red or a neutral purple) and pressed a little shimmery purple powder on top. I later added clear lipgloss because they felt so weird, but that was after I took pictures!

I used a blush brush and the French Blue shadow to add the blue around the outside of the face and on the neck, making sure to get the right shape (kind of like a pair of blue curtains tied back, sweeping down and to the side from a high point in the centre) but I didn't make the harsh line that appears, on second look, to be there on Katy Perry's face. I don't know why I blended rather than a harsh line. I do like the way it looks though.
And then I was done!

My nails were not painted for the look but I do think they fit really well, half blue half purple. I used Eyeko Lilac Polish and Miners blue polish over half the nail.
Finally, my giveaway!

This week I'm going to give away two of the things I used in this look.
1st is an Eyeko Line and Shine Duo Colour pencil for eyes in Superstar (the purple one I used on my lips) which looks like this:

The 2nd prize is those Tokyo Hiroko false demi lashes by Eylure. Here's a better look at them:
I love these lashes, they're easier to apply than a full set, they look amazing and the glue in the box works really well. They are basically the only lashes I wear and I love the purple streaks in them!

To enter, you have to hit the follow button at the top of the page, and leave a comment saying "enter me."

Next week WILL be the Sigma giveaway, I will be reviewing it this week as it arrived this morning and I forgot to use it when I was doing this look! Duh!

Hell Thirteen xoxo

PS: Sorry for such a lengthy post! So much to this look, and so many pictures!


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