Saturday, 2 April 2011

Blogging for pay/freebies: My take

I've been reading quite a few articles on US regulations on Word Of Mouth Marketing and Paid Opinions. I'm aware that such things are regulated in the US but not, to my knowledge, in the UK; however I would like to make my own stance on the subject clear, as I now blog and review products.

None of the products that I've reviewed have been sent to me for free so far, I'm not affiliated with e.l.f. but I am an Eyeko Ambassador, and have been since before I was a blogger. I signed up with Eyeko because I liked the products. I have no problem with anyone sending me freebies (such as Sigma and their brushes) to try out and review, so long as it is clear that this will not guarantee a positive review. If I don't like something, I don't care if it was free. I am glad of any freebies sent my way because quite frankly, I won't be able to review new products otherwise. The reason I have talked about e.l.f. and Eyeko fairly often is that they are the only products I can afford right now! I will be writing about older products in my make up collection soon though, to give some more variety to my posts.

I am signed up with google adsense, which means that when anyone clicks one of the google ads on my blog I will earn a small amount of money for it. They are meant to be relevant to what I'm writing about, but I am not writing about stuff in the ads, so if I write about a certain brand and the adverts are for the same company or product, it's just a coincidence.

I would love to earn enough from blogging to at least make it self-perpetuating, in that I would earn enough to keep on buying stuff to review and offer as give-aways, and I would love to earn a little extra cash as well; but I am not and will never be just doing this for the money.

So there you go. Just to make it clear.


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