Thursday, 21 April 2011

Animal Prints 2 - Leopard print

Hello you wonderful people!

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Today I am testing out ideas for leopard print eyes. I definitely prefer one eye over the other. I did a different look on each eye, so I'm going to show you both.

First I primed my eyes with e.l.f. eyelid primer, blending it in with my finger. I left it a little while so it could dry.

Next I covered both my eyes in Scarlett & Crimson white eyeshadow from their In The Shadows palette.

I took the pink from the same palette and swept it over my brow bone right up into the brows and in the inner and outer corners of my eyelid. Then I blended in some purple from the Sleek i-Divine palette into the darker areas, and the outer edge of the brow bone. I blended it all with my Sigma E25.

I covered the other eye in the light shimmery blue from S&C, and added depth to areas with the deeper shimmery blue from the i-Divine palette. I blended in a little purple at the crease.

I lined both my eyes with liquid liner to create a cat eye.

On the pink eye, I went for the traditional leopard print pattern. This was extremely difficult with the liquid liner. Your hand is further away from the brush end, and that gives you less control. The brush dries out quickly and you keep having to re-dip the brush into the liner. I think a pen would do a better job.

On the blue eye, I got fed up and ended up going for splodges. The marks were more random and I did find it resembling another type of cat print, though I'm not sure which. My cat eye liner hadn't dried properly and transfered to the rest of the eyelid.

I fixed (or attempted to fix) this by adding matte black to the crease and blending it in.

I used the same black to go over my eyeliner and add black underneath the eyes.

I also put some silver liner on my waterline.

I added mascara, filled in my brows, and was done.

So there you go!
Obviously, these eyes don't match and are not meant to be worn at the same time. It will be an either/or decision, and doing one on each eye as practise saves a lot of time!

I'm gonna wear these whilst doing housework, and see how they stand up to the stress so I can see how wearable they are at a nightclub. I will post results later!


Hell Thirteen


  1. Really like the pink one. The liner looks beutiful very cat like.
    I was thinking about purple zebra?

  2. Good call. I'll try that one tomorrow!