Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Tiger Eye

Hello my lovelies!

I'm having a girl's night out with my besties at Decadence in a couple of weeks and I have been experimenting with make up for the night.

Decadence is all about the rock and roll, think 80s, think hair. Shuff is the DJ that runs the night, and it's been going on for a long time. I used to go to it back when it used to be at Gossips, and when Gossips closed down about 5 years back, Decadence moved to the St Moritz. It's a great club to go to, a night guaranteed to be filled with epic stripper songs to get you headbanging like Cherry Pie and Welcome To The Jungle.

There is an abundance of animal print in places like these, as well as big hair, glitter, and t-shirts with brand names of alcohol on them, ripped and knotted and safety pinned to show as much flesh as possible. Well, it does get really hot down in that basement!

So, I'm trying out animal print make up. It's a shame I don't live in the states, I gather Walmart carries a brand called Hard Candy that sells transfers of animal print eyeshadow. From my experience with Avon these transfer eye sheets don't work, but that was only one brand and maybe these ones work better? I'll never know for sure, I guess.

Today I've had my first go, at tiger print eyes, and here's how it went.

After putting on e.l.f. eyelid primer I covered my lid in a white shadow, I used the one from the Scarlett and Crimson palette because it has the best pigmentation of all my white shadows.

Then I took the pale gold from the same palette and ran that along my crease.

I loaded up a brush with Carrot, the orange from my Front Cover 08/09 rainbow palette, and covered my browbone, doing the opposite to what you normally do with eyes (darker in the crease, highlight on the brow), and trying to keep a cat shape around the eyes.

I blended the colours together, and took my Bourjois Clubbing Liner in Absolute Black (not ultra black this time!) and lined my eyes in a cat eye shape.

Then I started with the stripes, taking care not to make them uniform, and keeping my eye closed and my eyelid stretched until the liner dried so as not to smudge my stripes.

I tried going under the eyes but that didn't work.

I used a slightly glittery black shadow from the Sleek i-Divine palette to go along my lashline.
I defined my brows quite dark and thinly.

I added Too Faced Lash Injection to my lashes and I was done!
 What do you think? I'll keep posting these looks as I come up with them, and you guys can help me pick the best look.

Naturally when it comes to mimicking something like this and you haven't done it before, it's best to practice so you can figure out which colours you want to use before you put anything on your eye. That's why I swatched out a bunch of prints on different backgrounds so I could have a proper look.
Actually, the tiger print was originally zebra print before I put a mix of white and orange behind it, and it looked so good I had to try it right away!
Here are my swatches:

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Hell Thirteen


  1. Great idea. Ive seen this done a few times and thought id like to try but i imagine on a night out it wouldnt be very wearable, i imagine it melting, smudging just slipping about on my face so i look like a mess! I wonder though it you used that setting spray would it give lasting hold to enjoy a whole night of animal print? Worth a go i think coz its looks amazing! Well done!

  2. Well Kay, I did use an eyelid primer before putting the powder on, and used highly pigmented shadows so I didn't have to layer it on which does usually lead to slipping and creasing, and I blended it thoroughly which helps it stick.

    Using liquid liner for the print helps it stay put, it would probably be better to use a waterproof one, but you do have to make sure you don't let the skin on your eyelid crinkle before it dries.

    I left it on for a while and it still looked perfect when I took it off, but of course in a club it will be hot and sweaty. I don't think the fixing spray would hurt, I'd love to try it and give it a proper test, maybe do an intricate makeup like this and spend a couple of hours playing Dance Central and see how well it stays!

    I have a load more of these animal print looks to get through, even just picking background colours is hard. Maybe we could each have a different animal print on our eyes!