Saturday, 16 October 2010

My StyleShake Collection

This falls under neither topic of joysticks or lipstick, but seeing as how I haven't used a joystick in around a decade (thumbsticks do not count as joysticks) and I'm using lipstick as an umbrella term for all make up and generally the girly fashionable side of me, I think it can be allowed, and I think I can file it under lipstick.

Ever since I got engaged, oh... almost 3 years ago, now.... I have been thinking about my wedding plans. (I'm still engaged, we're still poor!) In my search for a perfect bridesmaid dress, one that would suit all my bridesmaids in terms of colour and cut; and look good, thank you very much, I'm not a bitchy bride who makes her bridesmaids hideous, these are my friends; I came across a website called StyleShake. I started messing around with designs and while I never settled on a design for my wedding, I became obsessed with designing dresses, thinking about which ones I'd get if I could afford the pricetag: low for bespoke clothing, high for me and my wardrobe from Asda and Peacocks.

So have a look at my designs, and try designing some yourself. You'll be hooked in no time.

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