Friday, 8 October 2010

Eurogamer Expo 2010

Ok, so I went to Eurogamer last weekend. Not for long, but long enough to check out a few new games. Here's what I thought.

I don't think, honestly, that this will be a game to write home about. I'm gonna get it at some point when I have nothing else to play, and I'll enjoy it, but I don't think I'll love it like I do other games.
I loved Uncharted, sorry Yahtzee darling but I thought it was fun, and better than Tombraider, whilst everyone slagged it off for trying to be a manly Lara Croft. I don't think that a game or anything else should be slammed for being similar to something that's been done before, so long as it does it better.
Admittedly, I had just gotten my PS3 a few months earlier, and when I got my 40in 1080p lcd (Samsung) I was drooling over the beauty of it. I saw the detail and the difference the motion capture and simultaneous voiceover recording had made and I loved it. I really liked the cover based combat, because it may have been done before but not in many of the kind of games I play, and that made it brilliant.
I'm talking about Uncharted here because Enslaved looks like a cross between Uncharted and Final Fantasy. Gameplay was very Uncharted, art was very Final Fantasy.
That's about all I have to say on the matter, other than that I did have a hard time stopping playing. Even when I wanted to, I couldn't let go of the controller.

Fallout: New Vegas

What can I say? If you liked Fallout 3, I see no reason why you wouldn't like New Vegas. Simple as, really. If you've never played Fallout 3, then I'll explain.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic America following the Great War between the US, China and other countries. The Great War was a conventional and nuclear war that occurred on October 23, 2077 and lasted less than two hours despite causing immense damage and destruction.
Fallout 3 was set 200 years after the Great War, once the background radiation levels had lowered considerably. The water is still 'dirty' - a term for being irradiated, and the world is a very hostile place.

It's an RPG focused on exploration and interaction. Gameplay is very similar to another Bethesda series, The Elder Scrolls, but in a sci-fi setting rather than a fantasy setting. The two are to Bethesda's arsenal as Dragon Age and Mass Effect are to Bioware.

I love Fallout, I think New Vegas looks great, and being an RPG bunny I look forward to Dragon Age 2 (also featured at Eurogamer but I never got to try it out), Mass Effect 3, and hopefully a new installment in the Elder Scrolls series? Please?

Fable 3
Fable 3 is looking really good. The addition of John Cleese to the voices and having a base of operations where you can equip your weapons is a nice touch, and I particularly like the change in the spells to being magic gauntlets that you can mix and match for different effects. I'm really looking forward to playing it in depth.

And finally, Little Big Planet 2.

This looks amazing! I just wish my PS3 hadn't been afflicted with the blinking red light of death. I loved the quirkiness of LBP and made a thing out of playing through it with my fiance trying to get every last sticker. We played a few levels together at Eurogamer and I can't wait to get my teeth into it.
They've made a lot of improvements, there are more gadgets to play with, they've managed to make (almost) weightless levels where you soar into the air and glide back down. They've even included retro - I won't call them minigames, they're more like microgames.

Anyway that's all I can type today, I'm knackered.
Logging off...

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