Thursday, 7 October 2010

Joysticks and lipstick: What I'm about

Hi there!

My name is Hell. I am into two things above all else: Gaming, and beauty. These two subjects encompass my love of art, music, creativity, craft, technology, and hitting stuff.

I'm currently studying for a degree in game cultures and I plan to make my career in that industry, be it making games or sharing my thoughts on the ones other people make.

During the rest of my time, I love to experiment with makeup. I'm an absolute mascara junkie. I don't wear makeup every day, but when I do, I like to do it right.

This will be a blog of intermittent gaming and makeup reviews, telling you what I'm playing, and what I'm putting on my face.

I don't claim to be gorgeous or some kind of It Girl, I'm no icon. I'm just a girl who likes makeup. And videogames.
Oh yeah, and I'm a bit of a maniac.

I like to be a little different, and I like to dress up. I also like messing about with a camera. I'll try not to be too pic heavy.

See you later!

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