Friday, 22 July 2011

Help me win some stuff!

Sorry for my poor posting performance lately, I've had a lot going on; my boyfriend's been ill, I bottomed out of uni, and I've not been feeling so great myself, which leads to not wanting to put make up on or take pictures, and I've had no money to try new things and write reviews on. I'm currently waiting on my July GlossyBox in the post, which will be late because of a mysterious problem with payment, and then I'll be writing about that, and I'm gonna be working on some game related posts as well. I'm hoping that writing will get me out of my funk.

You might remember me talking about one of my favourite bands, King Lizard, and how awesome they are. They are running a competition right now for some signed goodies and free tickets and things. Basically, the more people click my link, the better chance of me winning. I have long had the status of King Lizard's number one fan, and I want to cement my title.

They won't ask you to fill anything in or click anything else, or direct you to any other surveys or buy anything or sign up for anything. Just a click and you're done. No extra clicks though, it won't help.

I have 11 days and the person to beat has 77 clicks. At present, I have 12. If you could tweet my link or put it up on your blog, I'll totally be your friend forever.


Hell Thirteen xoxo

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